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for those of you who remember spot, the blind little spot, dumped out of a vehicle at tim hortons and whose eyes we had to is his annual update..YAY SPOT!

Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2015

December 4, 2015

Dear Carol and Everyone at SAINTS,

As is our annual tradition, we wanted to share an update on Spot. Today was a very special day: the sixth anniversary of the day we brought Spot home from SAINTS! This picture was taken the night we brought him home and he was already settling in very nicely.

This year has been full of ups and downs as Spot struggles with the intestinal disease he was diagnosed with 2 years ago. Life’s a little slower but there’s still a lot for him to enjoy in his old age. He excels at napping in cozy places and during the beautiful summer we had, he spent as much time as possible outside exploring or hanging out with us in on the patio or the lawn.

During the colder months, he’s learned to appreciate a good Seattle Seahawks game or a snuggle with his sister Maxx (just so you know…she went to snuggle with him, not the other way around J).

One day in 2014, Spot had an accident in the living room and subsequently turned on the Roomba which proceeded to spread #2 over our entire downstairs. Despite it ruining a Roomba and the hours of cleaning required, we laugh about the incident to this day. We did, at least, until Scott caught Spot in the act of trying to start the new Roomba just recently!


This year, Spot was featured in the “Dogs of Microsoft” calendar. Most people pay to get their dog in the calendar, which benefits a local Service Dog program, but when they heard Spot’s story they asked if they could feature him!


When we adopted him, blind and with a heart condition, we never guessed we would have such a long time with him and we are thankful for every day with this special boy. Thank you for rescuing him and bringing him into our lives.

Love to you and all the SAINTS,
Lynne, Scott, Spot & Maxx

P.S. After 17 wonderful years, we lost our sweet Jack Russell Sophie just last week. Maxx seems to understand that she is gone and Spot is doing a wonderful job stepping up to supply extra snuggles to us all.



Ditto Brenda's comments, what a beautiful update. So happy for him and you! Sorry for the loss of Sophie.


Spot is such an amazing dog who had a rough start...... but he has flourished and done so well with his family full of love. Thank you for giving him that home where he is safe and can be himself.....even if it is a wee bit mischievous!
Sorry for the loss of your girl Sophie.....


So sorry to hear of your sweet Sophie's passing. What a wonderful long life she had with a loving family. Thank you for the Spot update. I was reading the Roomba part aloud to my family and we were having a good chuckle (and a number of ewwwww's)

Brenda wonderful to read this update on Spot...I was in tears by the end...happy ones. He is a very special boy and so glad he ended up with such amazing people.

alyson nerker

Heat warming story. That's why we're all here, at Saints. Thanks for sharing <3 and So Sorry for your loss.