Rescue Journal

june is still with us...

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2015

she came out of surgery and is doing ok. the vet did not find any underlying tumor or obstructions. he said he can't rule out a pyloric stenosis but that is something to be investigated on a different day. right now he has dealt with the immediate problem of the stomach torsion...there was no death to any of the internal structures because they were watching her so closely and got her into surgery as soon as was needed. hopefully she will be able to come home in the next couple of days.

i am so very grateful to chris, ashley and michelle for witnessing the very start of her problem and calling me and for the excellent care of the vets and staff at the animal emergency vet. hospital of the fraser valley, because of them all, june's life was saved today.

and thank you lynn for coming to stay with the saints guys last night while i was away.



Get better soon June Bug! Hugs to you Carol and all of June's pack. ❤️

Janet Nicholson

I was also afraid to check the blog - get well June so you can be home where you belong.


Oh I was afraid to check the happy and relieved. Yay June


Thank God! I just can't believe how quickly bloat happens, and for no apparant reason. She was totally fine at noon. Thankful for all of the watchful eyes that care for SAINTS.
Come home soon June!!