Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2015

june is home..she was too nervous to eat in hospital so they said she could come home a day early. she wolfed down a small bowl of food as soon as we got home. she is however devastated that now free of her recent horribly frightening situation, i promptly shoved a cone on her protest, she threw herself to her side and looked utterly depressed. not my fault tho, i told her all the way home, quit licking your incision!

other updates that got lost in the past 24 hour crises...

hazel has gone off to permanent foster care..i will post her email update tomorrow..but all is well.
georgia has a permanent foster home but not until after her spay.
eddie went off to his permanent foster home today.
mocha goes off to his next week.
oakley goes off to permanent foster just before christmas.
plus we are in the process of working on possible foster and adoptive homes for miley, oreo and mojo.
it has been a busy week.

on a sad note, i had an update on fosters bea and rascal. rascal is doing well, bea is not..she is close to the end of her life due to organ failure. she was one of the spca's hoarding seizures and lived here for many years. she finally got a great home 6 months ago..sad she could not have enjoyed this for longer, but bea believes still it is better late than never.

2 new 12 yr old cats coming in pretty soon, sadly their owner passed away.

i am exhausted and need to sleep but that's most of the up to dates to today.



Going to miss Mocha. He likes a bit (in small doses) of brushing while eating his temptations (info for his new home)


Yippe Kiy yea for everyone who is getting their very own people for Christmas !!!...and really glad to hear June is home .


You deserve to be exhausted Carol. So much good news and sad news all wrapped up in one weekend. So happy for Hazel,Georgia, Eddie, Oakley, & Mocha and the possibility of new homes for the other 3 special dogs. Wow,so much going on in between June's emergency ordeal. Whew, she dodged a bullet....special girl. Get some well needed rest Carol.


Such sad news for Bea. She was always such a lively, spirited character. I never understood why people didn't see that in her. I had just given up hope of her ever finding a home when her special people came.
So glad she had this time with her own family, in her own home.
I cried tears of joy when she left SAINTS and now I cry tears of sorrow.
So much loss lately.