Rescue Journal

our sweet and gentle roger was assisted to pass away peacefully today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2015

he was getting too close to what could have been a very traumatic kind of death and we wanted to save him from the possibility of that.

roger came here to die but really, he came here to live. for the first time in his entire life he had 3 solid months of tenderness, caring, concern, with some really fun field run and barn goofing mixed in.

we all loved you roger, you were such a gentle and kind-hearted dog.

rest in peace sweet and lovely roger.




RIP Roger. I love you and will miss you very much. I love the quality time we have together. Thank you.


RIP Roger, you were a good boy and will be missed at the barn. It was always a pleasure to see him jogging around enjoying himself. Such a nice dog who deserved a great life.


He was such a sweet soul and he will be greatly missed. I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of spending time with him on the weekends. Sweet dreams Roger.


Such a sweet nice dog and sad that for the majority of his life that wasnt seen
We saw you Roger and we loved you.


Wow, when I think of the day I first saw him after arriving at Saints - barely moving; off the couch only long enough to eat or drink or pee. From that, to a dog who ran out to the barn, happily bouncing around enjoying life, only back to the house when the volunteers decided he needed to come back to rest. Saints makes such a difference in the lives of so many seniors....Roger is a shining example..RIP sweet boy

Lenore Henry

Rest his sweet, sweet sorry Carol and everyone at Saints who loved this boy so much. Hugs to Priscilla who spoiled him every Sunday with her gentle touch - he will be missed.


Roger sure was something special. It's not often you have the pleasure of meeting a dying dog with such an incredible will to live. I'm so glad he had 3 months of weekends being the best darn barn dog he could possibly be. Sweet sleep, Rog.

alyson nerker

I'm so glad Roger had three months with us. He really should never have had to come here but not every animal enjoys the love, kindness, and tenderness that we shower these souls with. Rest easy now Roger, and Chase the Rainbow :D


I'm in tears - both with sadness that we've lost Roger, and with happiness that he had three wonderful months of total and unconditional love. We'll all miss him, he was a very special dog. He wasn't at Saints for very long, but his presence affected all of us. Run free, sweet angel.