Rescue Journal

sorry for the lack of communication...

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2015

but first i was wrapped up with june and then i spent a day and a half contemplating suicide due to a massive allergic reaction that had me insanely itching from head to toes hives...i hit the crises last night, lost my mind and took every single drug i could possibly think of..fingers crossed, this morning..i think it is over. please god let it be over.

so let me think outside of that drug induced stupor...what are the updates?

we have cancelled mojo's potential adoption because we have decided he is not safe with cats. however, his family is willing to meet matt instead because matt's potential adopter backed out.
georgia is moving to her foster home on dec 20th.

miley has a family coming to meet here this evening.

lots of vet runs today..june, roger, benjy, miley.

and the damn dogs are barking so now i can't think of anything else.



june is ok..she keeps taking her cone off..twice that i know of so far today.


Carol, I have some pretty heavy duty prescription drugs for hives - since I was diagnosed with chronic hives awhile ago.....if you need them. - .only downside is they make you very drowsy.
I was wondering about June too...


nope but pretty close to everything else..honestly it was awful and by that point i was beyond insane.


I broke out like this back in Sept. Above using medication what helped the most to relieve the itching was rubbing olive oil on my skin and also petro jelley. Of course the only way it would have been 100% effective is if I rubbed it on every 10 minutes because that is how long lasts in relieving the itching.