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we are the lucky

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2015

it was a bit of a busy weekend,,,quite a few really nice folks here for the tours and several meet and greets for potential homes. and it was a very good weekend...oreo went off to his new home and binx while still here has an offer for his new home right after the christmas rush.

the new very shy cat ebony continues to be a worry..she is in mental meltdown mode , not eating or drinking. tomorrow she is going to have to start being syringe fed...guaranteed to stress her out even more but we really don't have any choice left.

we have some really nice animals here right now...patches is beautiful and healthy and only very minimally bitchy, cleopatra is really starting to settle in and get comfortable. sure it has taken her months and months..but so what? she got there and that's all that matters. soon someone is going to fall in love with this sweet gentle cat and give her a home. even kiwi is starting to come out of her shell...she was yelling at me last night to hurry up when i was handing out treats.

and the dogs...such good dogs...even miley, the dumb bunny queen. she will always be a silly thing but she is totally sweet. shyla has the potential to be a truly phenomenal best friend, mojo will make someone a great buddy as long as there aren't any cats, matt is simply endearing in every kind of way, and little magee while occasionally irritable is usually pretty cheerful and happy once he knows you are ok.

as for the hard ones...the oscar's, the aggie's, the simon's and kyah's...each has their own unique set of problems but they all share one thing in common...they are loved. they are the broken homeless lucky ones.

but interestingly enough while the animals are our purpose and the beneficiaries of what we truth..we are the lucky ones.
we are the ones who grow and learn, we are the ones who become better people... more compassionate, respectful, understanding...more positively engaged in the world as we serve.



For several years now I have visited your website on a daily basis and have enjoyed reading all Carol's posts... the fun ones, the informative ones, and the gut-wrenching ones as well.
For the last several days I have tried to see the SAINTS photos on facebook. When I click on the facebook icon, your facebook page pops up. However, when I attempt to look at the photos, facebook covers the ENTIRE screen and won't let me see the photos unless I either sign in or open a facebook account (which I simply refuse to do)
I don't know how many friends/fans/donors/potential adopters don't have or want facebook accounts and may or may not be put off by this.

Carol A.

Perhaps Ebony is missing her buddy, so a double loss for her.
I hope she is eating and drinking today.....

Lenore Henry

Thanks for the great evening and to Ann and Alison for organizing the event. It was alot of fun, especially the Secret Santa gift exchange. I believe Shawn ended up with the Christmas glasses but don't forget Shawn who opened them first (ha ha) 😉


I really enjoyed the Christmas get-together too - thanks Ann/Allison. Did Mo get to keep the Christmas glasses??????


Thanks to Ann and her daughter Alison for arranging/organizing the Christmas get-together again this year - lovely venue, delicious food, and the Secret Santa "stealing game" was a lot of fun....even tho I didn't end up with the reindeer! Your efforts are appreciated.