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Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2015

sorry..still on afternoon shifts...busy in the morning with vet runs, then off to work and not home til 10 pm..makes for minimal blog posts!

remember spot? he is in foster to adopt care. he had his surgery for his useless and deformed front leg amputation today..the vet said he did well with the surgery. once he is all healed we will switch him to adopted, in the mean time, he needs a few weeks to heal. his mom already got him a big double stroller so he should be good for some fresh air walks while he builds back up his strength!
spot 1

june went to the vets and had her staples out. she was such a very good girl but she was petrified. she is so afraid of strangers touching her. but everything did heal up well, her cone is off and she can be a free dog again..that's gotta feel pretty darn good!
best friends

shy and frightened newby and very upset cat ebony is eating on her own now with appetite stimulants..we only had to syringe feed for a couple of days. thank cats in meltdowns terrify me..i can handle the sadness of watching them deal with their upside down world while they figure this new world out..but the fear of them coming to harm from refusing to eat, terrorizes me. anyway..thank you ebony for not going too far down that terrible road.

allie the pitty who has been in foster care is back for a couple of weeks while her family has an xmas vacation. her skin is flaring up again so i am glad she is back so we can get on top of it again.

and little kobe is coming back from foster for a couple of weeks while his foster dad visits family over the holidays back east.

new old dog coming in...kahlua is a 13 yr old died and mom has gone into facility care. kahlua has been in the vets for about three weeks...she was emaciated because her elderly mom was too sick and poor to be able to buy her food. the clinic has gotten some weight back on her, done her dental and now she is ready to come here. she will be arriving this weekend, can't wait to meet her.

miley has her recheck tomorrow and benjy goes in for his admission exam.

so while i am on afternoon shift the staff and lynn have been covering for me here in the evenings..someone is here until at least 8 pm and i am home a mere hour and a half to two hours later so everyone should be fine yes..or... no? i came home tonight to a fair amount of fresh blood on the kitchen counters and back cat room floors. but for the life of me, i can't find who it came from. all 14 house cats are accounted for, checked out and look fine. they all accepted me peering and probing and shining a flashlight on them too. i am thinking, it might be a rectal bleed but all rectums look nice and clean too. i took photos and sent them to anne and erin but all of us are stymied...who is it????

i have separated and shut the cats up into three different areas, placed new light colored beds under them so at least we can narrow it down should someone start bleeding again. i will keep my eyes peeled tonight and the staff will do the same tomorrow because we absolutely have to figure out who has a problem. honestly, i don't need this kind of a is too worrisome.

i think that is all of the catch up news!



Happy to hear that June is doing well. Also glad to hear that Ebony is eating on her own now - such a sweet little cat.