Rescue Journal

busy day!

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2015

big tour thru..thank goodness they had good weather!
satchi and our new girl, kahlua bth went out into great foster homes!
mocha is back for a few days while his mom is out of town.
little black buddy stopped by for a visit...he looks great and is so well loved!
tux aka joey was here today too but i missed him because i was busy getting satchi and kahlua sorted out. but i KNOW how well loved his is too!

tons of supplies donated today...yay!
i am tired and hungry, great day but i am glad it is mostly done.


shelagh f

keep our fingers crossed for these two guys that all goes well.
lots of new beginnings lately


So much good news...oh, little black buddy - I'm so happy to hear he's being a good boy and has a great home.