Rescue Journal

disaster at saints..

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2015

the hot water tank in the shop blew. and of course the tank is located up in the suite for maximum damage as it drained. and of course we are on a well and pump so the pump just kept refilling the tank so it could continue to drain down thru the floor and walls all night for maximum effect. and of course our insurence was up for renewal on dec 12th but we haven't received any paperwork or billing stuff yet.

anyway...we had to turn off the pump so we have no water which means we can't do laundry.

is anyone able to grab some stinky gross laundry and do it for us?
this sucks.



Your insurance should be good to the end of the month, I believe, even though the "due date" is sooner. That is what I was told by my insurance agent when I was late one time. There is a "grace period". Worth pursuing.


Carol, if you need some laundry done, I can come by and pick some up and do it. I am on vacation next week so if you can use me i am available.