Rescue Journal

SUPER busy day...

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2015

huge tour..thx jen and dawn for splitting this great and very nice group of folks up so everyone could get in and meet our guys!

kevin came to turn off the hot water tank and get it draining, the plumber came and got the water to the shop turned off so we could turn back on the water to everywhere else, the insurence adjuster came and we will have to wait until tomorrow to see if we are actually covered, and wade pulled out the carpet upstairs so it doesn't start to mold. huge thank you to saints disaster relief folks!
it will take a while to fix everything up again and get the water turned back on in the shop.

georgia went off to her new fabulous permanent foster home!

kobe is back for over the xmas break.

a couple of families came and met some of our guys as potential new homes..we will see what happens.

everything seemed to be happening at the very same time!

june was very upset by the visitors here..more upset than usual. luckily ali noticed her panic and brought her back to me. i think she was overwraught because she is still upset regarding her brush with death and how many strangers needed to be touching her to save her life. anyway..i put her into the dog room and everyone stayed away. once everyone was gone, she felt safe to join her friends at the barn again. poor, sensitive june.

the shop is a mess..i need to book some vacation to clean and organize it again. sigh..i will see what i can book in early is way past the staff being able to squeeze out some time to sort and organize during their regular work has crossed over into insane again. whatever, i will eventually get to it. we will have to make some space for the restoration workmen tho..they have no room to work in there.

i am bagged, time for a really relaxing hot bath! thank god it wasn't the house hot water tank that blew!


Lenore Henry

You are welcome Brenda - our pleasure! So glad little Zeus could enjoy a timbit or two..😉😉

May I just add that when we first started to visit Saints a few years ago, we were so in awe of the wonderful work that Carol, the staff and volunteers do day in day out for the animals there. One of the first dogs that touched our hearts was dear old Black Buddy (rest his sweet soul) who although crippled with arthritis, was able to get up and walk because he knew that people cared, perhaps for the first time in his life, and although his time was short at Saints, he was loved.

All the animals there are very special along with each and every person that is a part of Saints....thank you!

Lenore and Owen Henry


Yay for Georgia....and I want to say thank you to Lenore and Owen for consistently showing up on Sundays to walk the dogs in all sorts of "less than desirable " weather. - so appreciate it - and I know the dogs do too; not to mention the Timbits!