Rescue Journal

the end of the world

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2015

new dog in.

cassie is a 13 yr old large cross breed who ended up at the end of the world.

her family was moving out of country and they found her for the next year while they gone, a home on a working farm of a friend of a friend.

cassie didn't like it there and bolted.

two weeks later, cassie is still lost, frightened. she found a quiet and kind place way out in the boonies that fed her and let her sleep on the porch until they could find someone to help this old lost dog. cassie was skittish and very afraid.

wade one of our volunteers told us about her because he knew this kind family thru a friend. yesterday i sent erin out to get her and take her to the vets.

she had a tattoo which we traced. last night i spoke with her owner and we decided that cassie most likely would feel safer and better cared for with saints.

he sent me an email surrendering her to us and cassie is now living with us.

she saw the end of her world and it nearly frightened her to she is finding the beginning of a whole new world and we will do all we can to ensure that she likes it.

cassie is a lovely dog, sweet, gentle and kind. at this moment she is sleeping soundly on a good dog bed at my feet, totally unaware it is cold and snowing outside.

welcome sweet girl.