Rescue Journal

there's angel's...

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2015

and devils.

dear diesel....

honestly? really? you just had to????

it's bad enough that you have anger management issues and quite frankly are often a total and complete jerk. but we have learned to live with this..ever so careful to make absolute sure your bad tempered violence is contained by not unduly irritating you.

today you almost (and may still) lose your eye. not from any internal eye problem, not from infection or disease. no, you unbelievably bone head ruptured your eye from playing with your toys so violently.

why can't you be like other dogs?..toss and chase a ball? cheerfully rip the gutz out of a stuffy? why do you have to grab toys, giant bowls, swimming pools and fling them, wing them, slam them around so ridiculously violently?

listen pudgy buddy..the vet worked hard to save that eye. don't you dare take your cone off, don't even THINK about biting us when we put your needed drops in your damaged eye. please consider playing a little bit less enthusiastically because if you keep bashing yourself in the face, one day you may no longer be able to see. how much fun do you think that will be?

in short dear diesel..please grab a brain.

your servants who for some odd reason do love you anyway.

(while diesel was under sedation to fix his damaged eye..i asked the vets to xray him stem to stern because he has been sore lately and awake at the vets he is far less than a stellar guy. the xray results are as follows...he has several areas of compressed spinal discs, his hips are toast, his trachea is too narrow, he has an enlarged heart and his knees are full of arthritis. until this morning, it appears the only parts of him functioning well were his eyes and bowels....way to go the only thing about you that is perfect is your freaking butt!)


Lisa Wagner

After what I witnessed with his food bowl on Saturday I am not surprised!!! But how crazy of an injury. Hope his eye can be saved. 🍀❤️


I've been saying for years that Carol should write a book. It would be a best seller for sure - drama, comedy, pathos, heartbreak, joy, worry - all the elements needed! The reality of running a senior/wrecked animal sanctuary.

Lenore Henry

No one tells a story quite like you do Carol - put me down for a copy of your book!

Marylynn B.

You see,Carol, I'm not the only one who is eagerly waiting for your book!
Have a great day all you Saints.

Carol A.

Just read the other comments..... I think a book is a great idea! Add it to the todo list... I will buy copies too!

Carol A.

Oh my, Diesel! Bless you boy you are one crazy puppy!

Carol, you just made my morning.... you make me smile, and realize that no matter how bad my critters are.... yours are worse.
I may have elderly vision impaired and a blind dog that can be cranky or snappy but with each other, not me.... and they are happy to see the vet and go for acupuncture.
:) wishing all at SAINTS a Merry Christmas.


I agree, Carol is a very good story teller. I would buy your book.


Carol - you are such a good writer. I hope you have a book in the works for your, you know, retirement (from nursing). With your daughter's excellent photography skills you'd have a bestseller on your hands. ;)


OH no....diesel for god sakes be good and get more pools. 🤕