Rescue Journal

happiness is less dogs.

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2015

they say there are no bad dogs..just bad owners.

this is such a lie.

diesel is a bad dog and he doesn't have an owner! that little bastard got his cone off again today and seriously tried to kill kevin and me when we attempted to put it back on. i was using the karunda beds as shields so he couldn't get us. it was somewhat successful..i didn't get nailed but poor kevin did. kevin hasn't been bitten as much as i have, he needs to work on his reflexes...and i did clean up his wound for him so he should be ok now.
anyway, i finally said screw it...diesel (again) wins. he has had almost 5 days of eye meds and i can only hope that is enough. at this point it is up to whatever gods that be to decide if diesel deserves to keep his eye or not.

just so you know tho... a mere half an hour later, diesel, looking adorably cute, was pressed up against his wire door with a ball in his mouth trying to convince me he is not an asshole.

i love you diesel, one eye or two... BUT.... it could have been two for sure if you weren't such doorknob.

oakley went out on a permanent foster trial with wade...YAY!!!!

binx also went out to his new great home..YAY binx!

caesar went out into permanent foster care with lynn. he doesn't have much time left, i am so glad he can have a great home of his own near his life end...YAY CAESAR AND LYNN!!

mocha went back to his foster home today so he was happy about that.

the new weim we have in a sweet and gentle little girl that we have warmly welcomed to saints.

cassie has settled in wonderfully well..i totally love this ancient girl.

the computer room feels really nice and calm and settled and comfortable now with just miley, buddy, mojo, mika, cassie and shyla in here.

the kitchen/laundry area feels pretty good too with just mischief, jigs, squirt, matt, stella and allie on and off temporarily.

the big dog room is perfect with just my family posse...mystic, june, luna and boomer.

but sadly the crazy bed buddy room is still a little nutz....agnes, robbie, kyah, pete, simon, andy, nicky, nick, marin, magee, benjy and miss coda bear...but at least we are down from the original 14.

we are down to 31 dogs total...and except for diesel the feels pretty damn good to me.



Love the picture of Mocha, he looks so comfortable owning the Christmas tree. He has found his home.

shelagh f

when he injured his eye, i was wondering who the brave souls
would be to put in his eye drops. poor kevin. great to hear about
all the new homes. hope caesar takes this new move in stride.
wasn't it him that didn't want to move from the computer room to
the kitchen or vice versa? i'm sure any dog would like to live at
lynne's house


OH, love the pics .....and updates. So happy for Oakley and Wade; and yay Caesar and Lynne......too bad Kevin got nailed by Diesel....good thing he had a nurse nearby for the first aid.... Cassie has a lovely face..