Rescue Journal

update on past saint phina!

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2015

I wanted to send SAINTS a quick Christmas update on the amazing dog we adopted from you back in August.
Olivia (aka Phina) was the most timid little creature when we first met her at SAINTS, and we had no idea she would turn into the playful little monster we know today.
Olivia has brought our family so much joy in the past few months, and we couldn't have imagined a more perfect dog to fit in with our home. She went from shy and timid to playful and loving, and she now spends her days snuggled up with either us or the cats. We want to thank you for bring our family together with Olivia, it truly was an ideal match. This little girl is so full of love and we couldn't imagine not having her as a family member. Thank you for trusting us with this precious girl, and thank you for giving her a second chance at life. What SAINTS does is incredible work and we can not express our gratitude at having found your rescue.

this makes me so happy..that poor little babe had been thru some really tough times.



Love the's great to watch the character emerge once they are safe,valued and loved!!! So happy for Olivia and your whole household.