Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2015

oscar got his foot caught in his collar..that was fun, not. you wouldn't think a cute little dog could be such a violent toad..but trust me, he can be. we ended up noosing him and holding him by the noose and his tail so i could cut the collar off. and now there is no collar on..not sure how i will get one back on to take him for walks. but..that is a problem for another day.

cassie is having a blast gutting stuffy's today but she is eating the fluff which is not great.

quite a big tour that we split today..everyone was late getting here because of the snow.

lot's of snow here today.

dionne is putting the barn to bed early so she can get out of here before she gets stuck. she did manage to get diesel's eye drops in by waiting til he was distracted with eating.

TONS of laundry today. we didn't realize that folks were still piling it up in the shop where the water is still turned off. dionne has brought the baskets over to me and i am slugging thru it.
note to everyone...please bring mp laundry directly to the house until the restoration repairs are done.
where saints laundry is concerned..out of sight, out of mind is a recipe for even more disgustingly stinky!



i bet they wanted more pumpkin pie..they each got a nice big piece!


Thought a little elf put everyone to bed early - was sooo quiet, however brad and Charlotte wanted seconds! They were the only ones making any noise!! Sorry I wasn't there to help Dionne.