Rescue Journal

somebody to love.

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2015

halfway thru the laundry..time for a hot chocolate and baileys break. tis the first one of the season but with the winter wonderland outside my doors, it seems appropriate.

despite the diesels, the oscars, the blown water tanks, despite the occasional people pin pricks.....

tonight i know what keeps me doing rescue day after day.

its cutting up a huge pumpkin pie for the pigs for their dinner and knowing how much they were going to like the taste of it. its watching dogs like cassie go from traumatized, broken hearted victims to safe, happy and playful beings and only because i gave her a bed, a roof over her head and quite a few human xmas cookies.

what we do here is so utterly simple. we just think about and act upon things that we think might make someone feel happy.

a cuddle, a kiss, a dry comfy bed, a cookie, some pie, and occasionally a donut.

its not rocket science that we do around here...we simply love them and show them we love them by providing responsible and intelligent care and a few extra special things like treats, toys, and human/animal playmates/friends so they feel happy.

that is what i love best about saints....its not about training or the most up to date is not complicated protocols or policies to follow to a T. it is just the simple acts of making sure their bodies feel good and some varied emotional opportunities to feel special and happy.

and despite the prickly personalities of diesel and oscar...we can still make them feel happy...a game of ball or a walk with diesel...the underdog movie and a walk for oscar (once i figure out how to get another collar on him!) talking to them both, telling them they are adorable, sneaking them some favored treats when poppy the pig isn't looking.

do they have the very best life in the world?..absolutely not. they are both confined to keep others safe BUT..they are alive, they are well loved, where they each live is comfortable, they have opportunities for getting to do things they both enjoy.

no rescue is perfect but then no life actually lived on this earth is ever perfect either. we all find joy and sadness, success and hardship, we all feel excitement and boredom at various times, but... if we are lucky, we find somebody to love.

and i have found a lot of those somebodies around here!



Suzanne - I saw Freddie Mercury sing that song in concert. :) Hee.

The lyrics say it all though, no matter who sings it. Beautiful.


this is a very good cover by an obviously talented young man but just for snicks and grins try the original done by Queen and Freddie Mercury... one of my favorites since it came out sometime in the 70's