Rescue Journal

if i can find just one really happy thing, today ends ok.

Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2015

years ago, i would have felt all gushy gooey, mommy-ish having this sweet little baby calf to care for. now i just feel sad, guilty and sick inside. he needs to be with his mother and there is nothing i can do about that.
as one of my vets likes to remind good deed goes unpunished so i guess both norman and i in our different ways will mourn and suffer the loss of his mother. i bet she is sad too.

rescuing dogs is so much less guilt ridden....

unless you are stella.

stella suddenly developed some excruciating pain issues, she was rushed off to the vet. between her old but horrific scarring and the xrays that were taken today, it gives a glimpse into a moment of stella's previous life that is hurting her so badly today. stella was badly injured in the distant past. the scars, the damage and resulting terrible arthritis to her upper spine and neck, tell the story of a very traumatic injury....most likely a devastating run in with a car or truck. we will try readjusting and adding more meds and hope that stella soon feels comfortable again. poor babe to be in such terrible pain. all we can think of is she must have over done something or twisted something to be in such straights.

mika's tumor has broken right open..i doubt there is anything we can do. i have booked her into the vet to discuss the near future, but i don't think she will be with us for much longer.
sigh..i feel a sad loss coming....i absolutely adore this Queen of all Dogs.

i have yet to try to get a collar back on oscar..i am trying to avoid a serious bite while i am in the middle of my current work week. i am off on thursday..if i am brave enough, i might try it then...or not. i might be too much of a chicken, who the hell intentionally wants to stick their hand in a meat grinder? i might just have to take a deep breath and do it anyway or he will never be able to go for a walk again and he likes them!
gawd dam difficult pain in the ass dog.

ebony the new freaked out cat is still in hiding, but she eats her canned food every night so i must be content with that.

can't think of too much i am currently super happy about, except cassie gives me great joy as i watch her happily playing. is ok.



This may be a redundant comment but just in case....

My son uses a rope lead on his dog that does not require a collar. It's almost like a noose that can be loosened to slip over Eddy's head, then tightened to fit around his neck. (not that Eddy minds a collar, but my son chooses not to use one on him). He bought this item at Bosley's I believe. It's easy to use and your hands don't have to be anywhere near the meat grinder... :) Good luck!

Lynne arnason

At least that little baby is safe with you. Unlike all the other poor souls who will soon be on someone's dinner table I so remember when Todd and Emily joined saints she was lucky and survived Todd did not I believe people who can do this don't have a heart or soul these r babies for gods sake they don't stand a chance and I so hope Stella is ok she is very sweet and Mikva what can we say about our girl hoping she's around for some more loving