Rescue Journal

i'm ok, you're ok.

Carol  ·  Dec. 30, 2015

ahhh..the plumbers were here until 9 pm. the new water tank is relocated and installed but still no water in the shop. the restoration folks won't be back to finish off and put the bathroom back together until after the new year.

norman has had his bedtime bottles and is settled in for bed. thx michelle for the help and company made the evening not drag so badly waiting for them to finish up for the night.

natcho had his dental surgery today, he should be home again tomorrow.

mika will be seeing the vet tomorrow, her tumour is breaking wide open now and we are worried about secondary infection.

so here is my so very sweet moment tonight..bear with me, you might get lost in the obvious icky part but trust me, the sweetest moment is there.

by the time the plumbers left, i was done in after a very long and busy day. i came back in the house, grabbed a beer and sat down to go thru todays emails.

i had already let all of the dogs out earlier so i was in total k9 ignore mode. this was not a great idea because apparently cassie really had to "go."

suddenly wafting from behind me, i smell that unpleasant but fairly familiar smell.

cassie had let loose a whack of diarrhea...oops, totally my fault i should have been paying closer attention to her!

i quickly popped up out of my chair and said, "sorry honey, i will open the door for you" and i did.

she rushed outside quickly and disappeared around the corner. i left the door open as i cleaned up the mess..partly to air out the smell and partly so when she was ready, she could come back in.

i waited and waited and was getting cold. i called cassie to come in and saw her head peek around the corner. i called again and she came a bit closer but it was obvious that she was upset.

i said, "its ok honey, everyone has an accident once in awhile, you can come in, you are a good girl."

she came in then and i gave her a hug and a kiss and then sat back down in my chair to have another sip of beer.

(and by the way i am drinking a beer because the kettle is broken, i forgot to buy water, i am out of milk, i can't drink the tap water and i was thirsty.) justification aside...

as soon as i sat down, cassie came and laid her head in my lap. she needed a few more minutes to process that everything really was totally ok.

and that was my sweet moment..cassie caring about what i was thinking and how i might feel and making sure that we together were truly ok.

love this sweet and sensitive dog, there is nothing that she could ever do that wouldn't be ok.



This made me laugh and cry...first at the beer justification (what the hell! It's the season!) and then picturing poor little Cassie feeling so embarrassed and ashamed and worried about what she'd done. She is so lucky to be there where she is safe and understood and she clearly knows this too. Awww...angel girl.