Rescue Journal

saintly thieves

Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2016

every once in a while, i like to write down what i have learned about life from rescue. maybe i will go back thru them all some day and see if i got smarter, wiser, or maybe became dumber or progressively lost my marbles altogether.

so at this moment, here is what i think i have learned...

1. i pretty much really don't know anything.

hmmm, i can't think of anything else....2015 must have been a stellar year!


the vet came out to have a look at norman, he is doing well. he was quite the hit with the tour today..a pretty big group of some really kind fellow humans.

allie is having some skin issues, i switched her meds around and we will see how she does.

when i went to check in at bedtime, i caught ebony out on her window sill. this gave me the opportunity to give her a bit of loving which while i am sure she would have rather skipped but is good for her none the less.

oscar hurt his toe yesterday, it is still a bit sore today. and no he doesn't have a collar on yet..i promise, when i am not so busy, i will be brave enough one of these days.

apparently zues ate well yesterday and today so that is good news.

daisy was off this morning but after a tim bit her appetite perked up too.

squistopher was starving at bedtime..good to see her appetite is also improving.

my chuckle for the night...

i let miley out to pee and buddy, shyla and cassie storm her pen to steal her toys as fast as they can.

miley is catching on that her stash is dwindling..i guess i better get her some more.



Carol, if you pretty much really don’t know anything I guess that means I for sure don't know anything. But I know that the best two hours of my week were spent with Norman on Thursday morning. It doesn't get any more adorable than him.