Rescue Journal

damn dogs...

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2016

i brought in a bin of new toys and spread them around...

buddy chose a really cool blue rubber pig with pink polka dots...which i see is now missing a nose and an ear. cassie is currently pulling the stuffing out of the butt of olaf the snowman from frozen (my grand daughter would be horrified!)

i don't even want to see what robbie has done with the bed buddies toys...but i bet they will be unidentifiable because he shreds them into tiny little pieces.

another big tour today..our tours in the last few months have gone from a sporadic handful of animal enthusiasts to usually 10-20 or more both days. time i think to add a second tour guide on the weekend roster...anyone interested please let me know so we can get you trained.

and i just want to say this about tour guiding..firstly not only do you meet some wonderful folks, but more importantly, you get to personally introduce them to our very special animals.
and this is where the magic happens..our broken, wrecked unwanted guys reach out and melt hearts. and you get to see it, time and time again. you are the one who helped facilitate animals like oscar, like diesel, like morgan and tang, like sofie and pink and ellie mae become not just dogs or cats or turkeys, horses and pigs..they become a personality with a name, with feelings, with a history, with unique and interesting spirits.
it is a pretty cool way to spend a couple of hours on a saturday or sunday, giving our saints the chance to be real.

just sayin...



I'd love to help out with more of the tours...really great way to get the word out about saints!