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fosters spot and tinsel living the good life

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2016


too cute...and comfy looking too!


Donna Lee Johnson (donnelly)

I was curious about fostering. It has been more than a year since my Tobi passed away. He would have been 17 this year. We had a great 16 years together. Was thinking I might be able to foster?

Alita Splawinski

I would like to apply to become a foster, is there a form I can fill out? Thanks!


Where are you located??? Couldn't find address anywhere on the site (address is kinda important!) or contact info to ask....


hi derek..jessie is not quite ready yet. she is booked for her spay and mammary tumor removal next week. once she recovers from the surgeries and we get the pathology back on the tumors (50% of canine mammary tumors are benign but that means that 50% could also be malignant and we like to know what is what so we can fully inform potential adopters) then she will be ready to begin the adoption process.

Derek Comer

Is Jessie available for adoption? If so what is the next step.


hi rebekka...kassa is a permanent sanctuary dog. she is happy here and thinks this is her home. but also... due to her extreme elderly age, x-large size/weight and weak hind end she is soon going to require extensive 2-person lifting and support as she continues to deteriorate. giant breed dogs are extremely heavy/difficult to care for as they near the end of their days. we have the staff and equipment to be able to manage the care that she will need. but thx so much for thinking of her...if she was a little bit younger and a little bit smaller(and not so attached to us) we might have been able to place her in a foster home so near to the end of her journey.


Looking to find some information about Kassa Blanks. Is this sweety up for adoption or looking for a place to stay? What's her story?


Love the picture. Good to see Tinsel again, I had forgotten about her.
Such a nice cat.