Rescue Journal

double take

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2016

i pop into the mp building when i got home from work and dionne tells me diesel is panting and anne left me a note. i went over to the counter to read the communication book and out of the corner of my eye, i see something that i know should not be there. it took me about 15 seconds to process what i was actually seeing and get the question out into the air...
"ummm...why is there a dove walking across the floor?"

yes that's what i saw...a white dove walking across the floor...and i was pretty sure she wasn't suppose to be there.

we went and checked out her cage to see how she had escaped and discovered that without the wire slide in base, there were large gaps at the bottom of the cage. i took the easy job..go find the wire base and made dionne do the harder job which was catching paris to put her back in the cage. eventually both tasks were accomplished and paris is back where she belongs and not wandering around the place.

nothing like coming home and walking straight into state of bewilderment.

anyway...back to deisel, he had a rough day. he was vomitting a fair amount, but i also think he was hot because the heat was turned up pretty high. i opened the door to cool him off, switched up his meds a bit. waited an hour and went back to check on him...he seemed better so i gave him a reduced portion gastro dinner. i did give him a pain dose tonight because i don't want his pain to get too high or he really will feel like crap. we will see how he feels tomorrow.

traumatic day in store for oscar the grouch tomorrow...he has to go into the vet to get his sore foot checked. i am to sedate him at 0600 so hopefully he is relaxed when renee tries to get a leash on him at 0800. she will most likely have to noose the leash but hopefully once the vets get him and knock him out further to check his foot..they can put his new collar on him. then YAY..i won't get bitten and once his foot is feeling better i can take oscar for walks again. i am reminded of the old saying...all things come to those who wait...even getting a new collar on a trigger happy dog.

miley is very happy no longer to be confined in a cage. her leg is finally getting stronger..yay!

mika's tumor is going insane, it is doubling the open area every day. i have booked her euthanization appointment for thursday. i was hoping we wouldn't need it yet and i could i am thinking most likely not.

good lord...;could cassie get any happier? this dog is in heaven wrecking the crap out of her endless stuffy doubt she is sure that coming to saints made her life infinitely better.

duke our diabetic cat had his dental today.

there are 13 new cats coming in soon...7 from a palliative lady and 6 over 15yr olds whose mom is being taken off life support today. we will be doing some switch arounds to be able to accomodate 2 large groups of new ones.

my deep thought for the day...
sometimes we forget in rescue that people have sad and difficult lives too.

note to staff tomorrow..can someone fix saints facebook page on my shrunk to tiny and i can't read it. i will leave it on the screen for you...thx!



Goodness that is a lot of cats coming in at one time. It would seem that at least someone connected with the humans involved is trying to make things right, however, it is unfortunate that the individuals had so many cats. Hope they don't have too many problems.


i know the 6 are all 15 and older..not sure about the 7...once they get here, we'll see who needs out the most of the oldies...thx!


Any breakdown on the cats' ages etc. I can take one more geri cat on if you'd like.