Rescue Journal

saints sickly's

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2016

oscar the grouch had his vet visit. no surprise that despite sedation, he was still a grouch. the clinic staff got me to get him from his hospital cage and leash him up because apparently they value their lives. oscar was ok with me because A. he wanted to go home and B. i squeaky, squealy baby talk to him which he actually likes.

benji had his dental and unlike oscar he was a very good boy.

diesel seems to have recovered from whatever was bugging him. no further vomiting today.

foster lily was rushed to the vets..she is still in on IV's looks like acute pancreatitis.

foster satchi was also in for a check up at the vets..looks like all is well.

possum the new broken legged kitten had her surgical repair today. the vet said it went well. he thinks her leg was broken about 6 weeks ago..poor baby out on the streets on her own and in so much pain. well the good news is that unhappy part of her life is over and her goodness in life is about to begin. yay sweet possum!

we had an emergency vet call tonight for our sweet norman little foot. he spiked a fever of 105 so we knew pneumonia had started to settle in. he had a couple of anti inflammatory injections to bring that fever down. he also is now on antibiotic daily injections to help him fight the infection off and he is on some electrolyte feedings to help prevent dehydration. the vet said he will continue to be at risk for another couple of weeks. hopefully once he reaches a month old he won't be so fragile.

kevin and anne were the barn folks today and stayed long past their shift end even tho i said to go home as i could wait for the vet. hah..neither one of them were going anywhere until they heard with their own ears that their baby charge had a plan in place to help him feel well.

we are blessed to have such very good and caring staff and this includes renee, erin, jenny and dionne and all of our incredible vets and clinic staff...all of them go above and beyond.

(plus they all put up with me!)

get better norman baby.



Oh Norman, puleeese get better! I am praying for you little guy😰😰