Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2016

the vet came twice today..first call this morning, last call tonight. norman's temp was down to 102 which is a good improvement. he again refused his 8 pm bottle but drank it right down at 10 pm.

4 dogs out into foster care...mischief and jiggy and benjy and nick...yay! so happy for our little guys!!

cassie has her huge mass removal tomorrow. that is going to be a difficult surgery with a really not fun recovery period. i am dreading this because i know it is going to be hard on her.

miley had her re-check...the vet pulled some more fluid off her knee and sent it to the lab to make sure she is now infection free.

power was out for a couple of hours, that kind of sucked.

the water to the washer and dog shower is back on in the shop but the bathroom will be out of commission for a couple of more weeks.

i did an interview for canadian vet was around our perspective on the care needs of shelter palliative and senior animals.

think that's all of today's news.



Sending healing thoughts for Norman and 4 out :-) hope they all do well......especially Nick who has been with us a while so happy for him!

alyson nerker

Glad to hear the four little ones have furever homes. I'll miss Mr. Jiggs as well

Brenda much going on....and 4 little ones have happy endings....that's so great. I'll miss Jiggy's antics, playing outside. He's such a character...
Carol, I wanted to ask about is she doing? Still sending prayers for Little Norman too.