Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2016

cassie is home from the vets...that mass on her side at removal weighed a whopping 8 pounds..the size of a good sized newborn baby! she will feel much better not lugging that off center extra weight around but she needs to heal and get thru her recovery. the drains come out in 5 days or so, sutures and staples out in 2 weeks from now and then cassie should be raring to go...hopefully eventually to an extra special fabulous home!

today we had another large but awesome weekend tour!

songi, shelagh and i got all set up for tomorrows new incoming 7 cats..not sure where the dog will go. i have to meet him first to decide which group might suit him best.

2nd day in a row that norman's temp has been down..this is a very good thing.

kobe went home to his foster home, his foster pop is back from holidays. between kobe's going home and zues and mika deaths plus mischief, jiggs, benjy and nick's off to foster care..i am feeling a few holes around me. but with the new ones coming in tomorrow, continued norman monitering and with cassie's post op care..there is still plenty around here to keep me occupied. in times of loss, i find keeping busy is good for me.

thank you leila and sheila for taking the time to converse with us today, i found it really interesting and felt it was a good experience for all of us to share.



Thanks Leila and Sheila; I really enjoyed the opportunity to have us gather for a common purpose and theme....and appreciate the food for thought ....


Thanks Carol and SAINTS people for sharing your thoughts with me and allowing me to lead the conversation. I really enjoyed the thoughtful and open discussion. I was truly invigorated. I think the huge turn out of staff and volunteers over the 2 days shows a commitment to the SAINTS animals.

I was so excited by how well the seminar went, I left my laptop in a computer bag and projector leaning up against Poppy's crate. Oops, I will drop by tomorrow and pick them up.


So thankful that SAINTS exists to care for all these precious souls.
Cassie: Looking forward to hearing about your future adventures and new home. Get better soon!