Rescue Journal

busy..better burnt out than rusted out!

Carol  ·  Jan. 10, 2016

some of the new cats came in today...emma, tabitha, victoria, leanora, and spencer. emma is the only one coping fairly well, the other 4 are currently very upset.

new dog in...kassa-blanka (blanka for short) is dong ok..she is a very sweet and lovely 8.5 yr old great dane.

another good sized tour group thru today...people are so kind and interested in what we are doing really is a pleasure touring them thru.

CAC is talking to me about 3 possible senior unadoptable is for sure, i will pick her up tomorrow, one is really sick and in the middle of critical treatment in a foster home so we will decide about him in a few weeks once it is determined if he is likely to survive and the last one is a 14 yr old guarding, lunging asshole JRT who has moments here and there when he is sort of nice. i will meet him tomorrow and decide if he is someone that we can reasonably handle and if we have a space we can reasonably keep ourselves safe from when he is being a bad ass.

so we finished the initial group seminars discussing our views on animal welfare issues. 31 of our staff and volunteers voluntarily attended, we are really proud of the dedication and committment to saints and our animals that this demonstrates. the next series will be more specific to tools of the trade in our specific and unique animal area groups. huge thx to leila and sheila for facilitating this weekend plus to the future facilitators of specific animal groups.

i guess i better go make up norman's bedtime bottle, it is getting close to that time again.



Glad to hear Norman is doing better. If Bianca needs a foster home, let me know, Bob aka Moose, would love to have another Dane around.


Welcome to all the newbies!! I think Norman is doing much better - without being too optimistic- he was hopping around again today but had a few coughs. 😢👍