Rescue Journal

the new guys

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2016

emma and leanora are out and about...tabitha, victoria and spenser are still in hiding.

blanka the lovely great dane is absolutely darling and has taken over the couch.

holly the little messed up yorki-poo apparently is the personality twin of coda-bear...but where coda is focused on toys, holly is focused on food...both are spikey little prima donna's not the least bit shy to give the other dogs shit.

jack the little asshole who was aggressively attacking and chasing staff out of his an absolute doll. i saw him at his worst when the staff removed his foot bandage and he was a putrid little jerk. however, out of the kennels, foot left alone, he is a very sweet and gentle dog. we think he is an ass when he is stressed or pissed but when he is content with his world, he is lovely.
anyway, so yes i did bring him with us back here...he passed my personality test...grumpy, bitey, pissy in certain situations but otherwise totally fine...he doesn't have to be perfect.



Yeah, Jack is sooo lucky that your criteria includes asshole are amazing..can't wait to meet him, and Holly too...and the new kitties. (I know ...hierarchy is showing up again). I'm starting to be very aware of it too, Leila.


Your last sentence should be the Saints motto "she (he) doesn’t have to be perfect'!!


Ha ha...Sounds like Jack is just a typical terrier(ist) (I have 2 that are dolls most of the time)! I just wish the guidelines for me to pass personality tests were set similar to your..."grumpy, bitey, pissy in certain situations, but otherwise totally fine...she doesn't have to be perfect"!!