Rescue Journal

little norman has passed away

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2016

the vets were out again today and we decided to give it one more go..a new long acting antibiotic injection instead of the daily ones and a steroid to help perk up his appetite and clear out his lungs. a couple of hours later he eagerly drank 3/4's of his bottle. kevin checked him before he left and he was doing ok. erin checked on him an hour and a half later when she was dropping off the cats from their vet run and he had crashed. she called me and i went out and norman was down and unable to lift his head and he was in pain. i called the vet and he came right over and said it was time. michelle came for her nightly visit and cuddle and was devastated that hope was gone.
norman was helped to pass from this life gently by our vet with erin, michelle and i bearing witness to the end of his three week life long battle to live.

thank you to everyone who came to give him love and company, esp. to his dedicated barn caregivers kevin, dionne and anne.
huge hugs to michelle who came every day to be with him and became his mom.

rest in peace norman, you were greatly loved.



Heartbreaking news........sweet dreams Norman you have touched the hearts of so many people.

Carol A.

it is late, and i am tired and now I can't stop the tears. Poor little chap. such a struggle. Such heart ache for all who did their best and the best was not enough. My heart goes out to you.

Rest softly little one, may grassy fields, warm sunshine, and a loving mama, be there waiting just for you at the bridge....


How absolutely heartbreaking. He was such a sweet soul. Rest in peace little Norman. I'm so sad I won't get to see you again.

Lenore Henry

Rest in peace sweet Norman - you were truly loved and will be missed....


Poor little guy :( I hate how baby calves are taken away from their moms and don't get the proper nutrients and antibodies from their mommas milk.


Devastating news. He was such a sweet soul and loved everyone around him. So upsetting that he couldn't fight anymore - he would have had such a wonderful life at Saints, and he so deserved that. Poor little guy. We all loved him so much, and he will always live on in our thoughts. He didn't spend long at Saints, but he will leave a big empty space. Rest peacefully sweet Norman - no more suffering.

Carol Ann

I wish I hadn't checked the blog tonight. RIP sweet little Norman. Everyone at saints did everything they could to save you. So sad.