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another day in the life of saints

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2016

norman 2

such a sweet photo of norman that jenn took last weekend.
kevin and renee took his little body to be cremated today.

miley had her surgical consult at boundray bay today so she could start physio except she isn't going to start physio..Dr Hutchinson found that now both of her implants had failed plus she had a badly luxating patella so she stayed for surgery to remove the broken implants as he felt that with her recent infection in there, the implants would eventually become a bit of a time bomb. i brought her home late this evening, she is not feeling too great tonight. bottom line, he is recommending titanium plates to repair her knees plus possibly rotating her femur to stabilize the patella...another two or three expensive surgeries. miley is the epitome of murphy's law dog, if anything can possibly go wrong while trying to fix her, it will most definitely go expensively wrong.
she is only 5 years old and he feels with these surgical repairs she can possibly regain 80-90% of her hind legs function and strength. i wish she was 15 and then i could say no, she is too old and just give her a good daily pain dose.
miley my ideal fantasy...if wishes were dollars we would be rich. the reality is... young crippled dogs cost dollars and wishes are useless.
whatever, it is what it is.

thank you lynne for staying with the dogs while i was picking up our sweet but expensive goofball princess.


Carol A.

ah, Miley,you have the greatest smile!
The good news, its fisable. the bad? it costs a bundle and you will feel worse before you feel great and it will take time. But at 5ish, you will hopefully have lots of good years after. Wish I was close enough to foster you dolly!