Rescue Journal

weekend warrioring...

Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2016

tired, sore, wet, cold but...

due to the collective efforts of generous souls...

the shop is done
the barn guys belly's are full and tucked into clean and dry beds.

the dogs are happy, their food and water bowls full, their beds are clean and comfy, they all got out for walks or free field running exercise.
the cats are drowsing and snuggled in beds and the turtle is happy because his tank is clean and he is well fed.
the bunny pens are neat and tidy and filled with fresh stuff.

the meds are done, miley's and cassie's incisions are clean, max and the new little itchy dog buddy have both been bathed to help their skin.
some nice folks were toured thru so they could see what we do and the laundry.
well the laundry, i am still pushing thru.

it was a busy weekend, stuffed full of hard work.
but all of us had moments of happiness, of laughter, of satisfaction, of enjoying the giving of comfort to the animals here.


two newby's...

mick jagger, the last of the first set of six cats finally made it here, he is a bit shy and upset but we will help him get over that.
and new little itchy buddy belongs to a very sick friend of mine. he has some really significant skin issues and needs some pretty intensive daily care.

oh and kobe is back temporarily..he needs eye drops 4 times a day for a bit which is really hard for his foster dad during the work week.

todays saints sickies are...
alice the sheep is having some severe arthritic issues
summer the goat's knees are bugging her more than usual.
ziggy the donkey is under the weather.
and mojo was vomiting and had diarrhea today. he looks a little bit better tonight.

these and a bunch of pre-booked others will get a vet visit tomorrow to check them out.



The shop looks wonderful Carol; and I have to say that Jack is very sweet- and Blanca is even sweeter...and Magee looks amazing. The extra help in the house was really appreciated from the 2 new volunteers today too.....gave everyone more time to enjoy spending time with the house crew after cleaning was done. Nice...


It was a good weekend surrounded by people who care about our saintly crew!


Don't forget to keep an eye on Emma, she had a few snot slinging sneezes today.