Rescue Journal

no doubt?

Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2016

there's always doubt.

i wish we could sail thru knowing all of the issues, all of the right solutions.
but good luck with that.
so we just do the best we can to figure things out.

the vets were out to see ziggy, alice and summer. ziggy seems ok so we are just going to watch him.
summer's and alice's arthritic issues are deteriorating. the vet suggests doubling their injectible med doses, and adding a 4th dose each week.
the biggest barrier to controlling their pain is the fact that sheep and goats are ruminates so oral medications and supplements are virtually useless for them.
this limits our available arsenal to help combat their pain.
i think we are getting close to reaching the limits of what medically we can do for our sweet old girls. we will trial the increased med doses and hope for the best, all the while knowing that we may have reached that unhappy place where this is as good as it can get and it's not good enough.

so while there is always doubt, there too is hope... that floats... until it sinks.

cassie had her last drain removed and her sutures and staples she weathered that 8 pound mass removal surgery like an utter champion!

andy had his vet run. i sedated him this morning and renee took him into the clinic for a check up and shave down. he wasn't happy but it is all over and he is safe for several months of humans not touching him for now.

little buddy is settling in...super big screaming baby when he wants someone to cuddle him.

jack who was a nasty raging beast in animal control, has turned into quite a sweet and nice little dog.


so much easier to deal with nice dogs.