Rescue Journal

why rescue?

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2016

in the big scheme of things, really what is the point of rescue? we save many thousand animals here and there and there are billions more enduring unbearable suffering just outside of our minuscule rescue corners.
the utter brutality of mankind is unfathomable.

not that we treat our fellow human beings much better.

its not just the human slave trade, the genocide, the degradation of anyone we view as is the every day things like turning a blind eye to the hungry and homeless as we walk by, or the fits of road rage when someone isn't driving as fast as we think they should, it is the petty and unkind things we think and say when we see someone overweight and dressed poorly in walmart buying groceries.
it's the stupid ethnic or sexist jokes, its the universal belief that asians can't drive and aboriginals are drunkards and lazy.

the thing about donald trump is he has somehow become the absolute epitome of EVERYTHING that is wrong with our species...from the big glaring horrible things to the little tiny shameful things...he is the mirror of everything marginally or majorly screwed up in humanity.

so why rescue a few animals when humans are so gross? when our very own species is drowning in its own social filth?

i don't know.

i hope that in rescuing a few animals that it sparks a light of compassion and respect that we can share with our own kind.

animals are our teachers. they teach us that life is precious, that if given a chance, hope and the light of goodness can illuminate a life again.
we don't have to live in the shadows and darkness of our own nature, we don't have to eat or be eaten, we don't have to laugh or sneer or spit or strike out at those around us in order to find peace, fulfillment and happiness. that's just destructive craziness..respectful compassion is a simpler, more common sense way.

when will we learn that we cannot build a better world thru expressing and acting out the worst parts of ourselves?

if we want a better world then why can't we ourselves strive to be better?

and that is the point of rescue for me...rescuing these animals brings out the best parts of me and i am trying to learn how to share that with my own species.
but man..we are such screwy broken selfish beings, having faith that we actually can be better is pretty freaking hard.

one day at a time, one step at a time, one act of kindness and patience and respect at a time..maybe, someday, accumulatively...we will be worthy.



It reminds me of the story of the starfish and the fellow who throws it back into the sea... His kind act sure does make a difference to that one starfish.

As Ghandi said, we must be the change we want to see in the world. It starts with each of us. You and your dedicated team are the change we want to see in the world, Carol. Thank god some fortunate beings have found that soft place to land.

Is the world really any worse now that it was before, or do we just hear about the atrocities more quickly, inundated round the clock on social media with horror stories, complete with graphic pictures. I don't know. I do know that I hug my critters a little tighter just to make up for all those who don't have the simplest of comforts...


Interesting post, Carol. In the great scope of things, maybe small rescues don't matter to the majority of people. However, for the animals who find love and sanctuary at Saints, it matters a whole lot. For the people who work there, who support Saints, who are educated by the work Saints does, it really matters too. The world is brutal right now, and I believe it's the small acts of hope, love, kindness, respect etc. that people are holding on to, to make some sense of it all. Places like Saints, and other animal rescues, remind people that there is still goodness in the world, and goodness doesn't have to be on a large scale but to make a huge impact.