Rescue Journal

all eyes on me...

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2016

i swear, whatever room i am in, i am watched closely, yet covertly. many eyes pretending not to be intently waiting for a movement from me.
except from brown buddy..he once again is sleeping like the dead..i could stand in the room flapping my arms in the air like a deranged maniac and he wouldn't notice a thing. he is not pretending, he is truly NOT watching me.

this makes me sad..he used to watch me with as much obsessive interest as all of the others. i am sure i saw him watching me not that long ago...2 weeks? a month? surely not longer ago than that.

but buddy is finally getting 18 yrs, i guess he is finally entitled to actually really, deeply, sound asleep sleep with his eyes fully closed.

but he is not near a walking dead yet...when i came home from work, he was right in the middle of the welcome home committee with a tennis ball in his mouth, he raced me with the others to the door to go out to pee with the tennis ball still in his mouth..he brought it back inside with him too!
he is like those 90 yr old human marathon runners..except he is closer to 110. i think he runs on solar power because he sleeps more when it is dark.

his face is totally grizzled now, his belly has crossed the line from chubby to almost obese..but the spirit of this joyful and loving every day of life dog is perfect in every sense.

he is everybody's buddy...but i am his very, very best-est friend.

love you buddy and i am closely, covertly watching my very, very best-est of all friends.



Imagine that Buddy's nickname was skelator when he came've come a long way I mean buddy :-)


Looking forward to visiting Saints tomorrow for the first time. We are thinking of becoming a monthly donor. From what I have seen on your website you do an amazing job.