Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2016

TGIF...i am tired. not that the weekend brings much rest around here.

lacey, the new old gal who's owner used the guilt ticket to get her into here, is settling in. she is a sweet and sensitive of those have always been a "good dog" and should have been dealt a better hand than to be dumped in her elder years in a shelter. she sleeps tucked in against me at night but in her mind i am a poor substitute for the loss of her home.
it sucks to be a sweet old dog who wasn't important enough to stay with her family.

miley's surgeon phoned me last night...he was right, she did still have a hidden infection so it was good those implants were taken out. he is writing a script for antibiotics that i can pick up and get her started before her surgery next week.

a reminder to everyone about the pub night fundraiser in maple ridge on Jan 30th. The Times newspaper called and are writing a story, plus sheila and shelagh are doing the CTV morning show next week to promote it. here is the fundraiser poster for the info if folks can come. click on the image to make it bigger.

chloe is looking like crap...she is filthy dirty, not grooming and hanging over the water bowls. her weight is good so not sure what is up but she goes in to the vets today to find out.

ziggy had a dental, summer and alice are a little bit improved with their increased metacam dose.

me su is on our watch list because she is so frail and sometimes iffy on her eating but has been doing well the last couple of days.

the six new cats have settled in well and are over the upside down world hump so that is good.

i think that is all of the news.


Lynne arnason

Sounds like a lot of fun Ramona the lady running it will be complete nag on sun with tickets for interested people let me know at if u would like a ticket a table will be reserved for us lets support saints

shelagh f

the stars of the show will be Theya and Dora, who will be representing
Saints, looks like Thursday of next week.( Theya is concerned that the
camera will make her look fat)
hope Lacey can be one of the lucky ones to be scooped up soon.