Rescue Journal

it was a good day

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2016

huge tour group thru again. we need a bigger place just to accommodate the tours! great group of really nice folks who seemed to really like our guys.

mojo went off on a 2 week adoption trial. super nice home, hope all goes well!

spot has recovered well from his leg amputation, i saw him today and he looks great. and it is now official, spot has gone from foster dog to adopted dog..yay!

jack has decided he really likes the big barn dogs so tomorrow he gets to go out and join them. he was playing with june, she liked him right away.
jack spot

babe our sketchy, semi feral foster cat escaped from his carrier when being taken into the vet. luckily it happened in his home driveway and he eventually went into the back outside cat run where his foster mom was able to close him safely in.
this is a perfect opportunity to remind folks...always make sure travel crates are secure, check all fastenings before putting the cat in and always double check the door has fully and securely latched. taking a few extra minutes to make sure cats are safely and inescapably confined can save a ton of worry and heartache. it is a lesson i learned from personal experience years ago and not one i will ever forget. might as well take this opportunity to pass that lesson on to save some other wanna-be escaping cat.

barn bedtime went really smoothly, thank god because A. my ankle is bad and B. a couple of my greatly loved grandkids gave me their colds and now i have a drippy nose and a stuffy head.

i am going to be looking for some help over the next few weeks to spread a ton of lime out in our fields. i noticed the other day that moss is starting to take over and that will suck for our grazing guys who want to be able to munch on grass once we head into spring.
if anyone is able to help crippled me, i would greatly appreciate some help and company!



Forgot to say I can help with lime spreading and I have a spreader!!😃