Rescue Journal

getting thru the difficult

Carol  ·  Jan. 24, 2016

it is easy to sit here and feel sorry for myself cuz i feel like crap and feeling like crap while living at saints, totally, pretty much sucks. this is a great place for sick animals, but for sick humans? its kind of tough.
but the fact of the matter is i am lucky.
mo brought me soup yesterday, ko brought me soup today, brenda brought me sandwiches for lunch, ko ran to the feed store and picked a bag of barn feed cuz we were out, shawn ran to the pet store and got us dove food cuz we were out and brought me back an ice cap, michelle came and helped me do the bedtime everyone else chipped in today and got the cleaning, feeding and laundry done.

at the end of the day, i still feel like crap but better than i would have if i was all alone and the most important thing here is, with all of that help...the animals all feel ok.
so maybe saints isn't so bad for sick humans. was the usual chaotic busy weekend here with tons of volunteers and visitors thru and i am wore right out.

little no longer itchy buddy is fussing in my bedroom..he wants me to come lay with him but i am going to have a hot bath first.
everyone else is settled and sleeping because i think they too are tired at the end of a busy day.
none of us are spring chickens!

and hopefully i will feel well enough to go to work tomorrow cuz i do really need a break from saints.

you can love what you do.
you can be passionate about rescue.
but sometimes getting back out into the rest of the world, helps keep things in perspective.

life in general is a bit of a challenge, add in rescue, and the challenges can grow pretty big ..its good to have a strong support network, esp when you feel like shit.

thank you everyone..pity party barely but successfully averted.