Rescue Journal

the nut house.

Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2016

so the good news is..i didn't dick around this time with self diagnosing and home chest has been really bad for 24 hours and i went right in to see my doc. i did not need another 3 week episode of unrelenting asthma attacks while i tried to heal myself so i thought i would be proactive and get into the clinic asap. the bad news was it is not just asthma this time, its also bronchitis and pneumonia. the good news is that by noon today i had gotten a chest xray and started the steroids and antibiotics.

and the really good news is that although the high steroid dose makes me a bit nutty...the anti inflammatory properties are already helping my sore ankle, pain is down to a dull roar. i bet by tomorrow, i feel better than i have in months. 50mgs of pred every day for the next week, is going to make me feel 30 years younger!!

the bad news is really hard to nap here when you are sick. i didn't feel well enough to fend off the obsessive face lickers in my bedroom so i thought i would try to nap on the couch in the computer room. you would think that between miley's obnoxious barking, shyla's incessant wolf like playing while chowing down on miley's neck and blanka's ridiculous climb up on to the couch and ending up sitting on my head..that napping wasn't that successful. but i did in fact get a good hours nap and the good news is i feel quite a bit better.

i will say tho...this place is a nut house, at least when you are feeling not great.


Carol A.

what a difference the right meds and some shut eye make! Hope you get a good sleep tonight!