Rescue Journal

laura's black bart has passed away...hugs to you and the family..he was a very cool cat!

Carol  ·  Jan. 28, 2016

Hi Carol, just wanted to let you know that Bart passed away peacefully last night.

These past 4 years since he joined my family have gone way too fast.......

Bart was such a cool cat, a tough guy that did what ever the heck he wanted....which mainly consisted of

patrolling the kitchen counters for food. He was such a character....that the dogs knew to respect.

His snuggle cat brothers Sam and Peter will also miss him greatly.

Thank you and Saints for taking in this stray cat that had a tough life and then letting us spoil him as it should be.




So sorry for your loss Laura and family. Sam and Peter will miss their friend. Rest in peace handsome boy.