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Thank You CTV Vancouver and Ann Luu

Sheila  ·  Jan. 28, 2016

Dora on CTV

Dora, SAINTS permanent Foster, had her 3 minutes of fame this morning on CTV Vancouver Morning Live

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Theya however did not make her debut has she became camera shy at the very last minute




Sheila you did great! and Dora looks fantastic Shelagh! Addy could be available for tv shows...just sayin...shes got a magnetic personality! Course shes already famous via her followers on fb :)

shelagh f

boy, I didn't realize how much she was panting when they
were taping, so busy listening to Sheila. Theya was unhappy
just sitting on Sheila's lap, she does love just to lay on the floor
with her head in the corner, even at home. No harm done, after
a short nap in the car,all back to normal