Rescue Journal

saints welcomes our newest wrecked ancient pocket pup

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2016


we haven't had a tiny, utterly frail, little warrior soul for quite a while. enter mickey our newest play pen babe. he can't weigh more than three pounds, is totally emaciated, is partially blind and deaf, severely crippled in his hind legs from blown patella's and severe spinal disease.

and this little dog is tough! he was a stray, wandering the streets, all alone. this sweet boy just about fits into the palm of my hand....excuse me but exactly how does someone lose a severely crippled, blind, deaf tiny minuscule ancient dog who moves at a snails pace??!!!

i don't get it.

but what i do get is the strength of determined will and a ton of good luck that it took for mickey to survive.

his savior found him, thought he had been hit by a car and took him to the vets. everyone appropriate to find his owners have been notified, animal controls, spca's, humane societies, and an aggressive use of postings on facebook. apparently no one is looking for him or at least not very hard. to me this is not surprising, all of his teeth have rotted except one and have fallen out, he was covered in fleas, dirty and matted, in obvious pain from his crippled back end and very, very hungry and he has never been neutered.

getting lost may well be, the best thing to ever happen to him.

anyway in all the ways this ancient little being is so totally wrecked..he has some pretty good things going for him too...a stellar dedication to inhaling good food, an absolute love of being held and packed around, a fondness for clean and soft beds...he rubbed and rubbed and groaned and groaned as he expressed his absolute ecstasy for his new super comfy, safe. play pen bed. and his blood work is sign of anything the least bit concerning..he is a healthy guy under all of his stuff that is wrecked.

looks to be just simple, long term, ignorance and inattention resulting in obvious neglect.

mickey is so lucky that he is such a brave and strong tiny dog.

we are all in look, a collective awwww... and we were under his magical spell.

saints welcomes mickey.... the minuscule magical wizard happy to get the chance to know, to love, to care for you.

HUGE THANKS to Mission Veterinary Hospital for saving him, calling us and caring for him so very well!


Carol A.

oh Mickey! you are one lucky little doll! found, and fed and loved for all your forever afters! and that is why they are called SAINTS. ! Enjoy your playpen bed. you are safe now! 💕🌟🕯🌟💕


Omg.....poor lil guy....thankfully he is at Saints now ....sorry I'm not in this weekend.. look forward to loving this tiny sweetheart....

alyson nerker

Welcome to a home with safe & loving arms. Welcome to Saints Mickey. Can't wait to meet you <3

Jayne Hemstock

Thank you for saving this sweet little soul. You truly are saints and Mickey apoears to be an angel. ❤❤❤


Welcome Mickey - can't wait to meet you! Sounds as if he has a super-strong will to live! So precious to hear how happy he is to have a soft, safe bed - he's one of the lucky ones.