Rescue Journal

a hard days night

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2016

i had to miss the fundraiser today...just not well enough yet...barely able to do the critical here.
barn bedtime just about killed me and then when it didn't poppy decided to try to finish me off.
i got the barn done by gasping, coughing and hanging on to gates and fences to recover in between tasks.
i thought when i finally made it into the mp building, i had it made. until i discovered that poppy had broken thru all of the gates and trashed the place..including smashing poor oscar the grouches little tv.
cleaning that all up and trying to make it all secure was the end for me.

whatever, it's over. i have an extra tv i can bring oscar out at the cottage..if i can ever get out there again.

i am sorry to have missed the fundraiser, so kind of everyone who are attending to go. even a bunch of my co-oworker buddies, who i never get to socialize with because..well, i have saints stuff you know.

tiny little mickey is doing mighty fine. we have it down to an art now..he wants and i provide. it works pretty well.

two last minute arrivals today...13 and 14 yr old pom's. the family is in crises with 2 special needs children, one going into a wheelchair, multiple trips to childrens hospital plus all of their daily specialized care. mom and dad are overwhelmed and while they loved their dogs very much..due to a lack of time and attention and a lot of feelings of guilt over this, the dogs have become incontinent in the house and have become the final two straws threatening to break the camel's backs. something had to give.
chicklet is the fat little 14 year old, and charlie is the tiny little puffy cotton ball. they are settling in ok here, managing their change in circumstances in a cheerful and sweet little ways.
they have had their dinner and are settled for bed in the laundry area while they get used to things.

it has been a long day. i never did actually find that place where i felt thirty years younger..i mostly just feel like death warmed over. the volunteers are going to help me tomorrow to bring over the reclining chair...i can't lay down to sleep yet and the few hours i am actually getting between 4-8am when i finally crash, are not enough to help me kick this thing and get my strength back. hopefully with the chair, i can sleep semi upright and not choke and cough all least that is the plan.

my apologises to all for m8issing the fundraiser..bad timing health wise..sorry.



Carol, I'm sorry I put a bungy cord on both gates but I guess Poppy had the determination to get in to Oscars food again today.