Rescue Journal

here, there and everywhere!!!

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2016

ramona did an amazing job on the fundraiser last evening. i heard from several sources it was packed to the rafters with saints supporters, really well organized and loads of fun! the grand total was over $13,000.00!!!!!
i think the highlite of the night was when BOTH marie and her husband, each won 1 of the 2 50/50 draws and donated the money right back to saints...$800.00!!!
now there will be a story around this because marie is not only my friend and a co-oworker..but her desk and my desk at work butt face first against each other. and we have a fun habit of good naturedly arguing, bickering, insulting and pretty much bugging each other in between our working stuff. it keeps everyone in our pod amused. marie has already told me that now she has a very big one up on me because both she and hans donated back so i am to try my very best to act grateful.
omg, i am going to have to be least for a little while!

shouldn't be too hard i suppose...she is a very good person and a good friend. but bugging her was kind of fun.

allie is super itchy..i double dosed her on benadryl..not sure if she ate something she wasn't supposed to or if her walk in the rain got her going. pitty's with bad skin are so sensitive!

miley got sent back into emergency today (thank you anne!) she started blistering all around her incision and she needed that to be addressed.

we have a very kind and generous builder volunteering some free projects for us. today he and his helper built us a door to close off the furnace so the cats can't keep peeing back there...(it needs painting if anyone has that creative painting urge peaking!!) and he fixed up the kitchen counter that was pulling away from the wall...yay!
plus shawn got him to shore up the poppy barricade and he is coming back next week to build an actual pig proof wall!

dixie was trapping the horses back in the corner and then acting like a total turd so the barn folks worked in the pouring rain to move the portable fencing and give the other horses a clear escape route.

mickey has been pretty sleepy today, i was getting a bit worried. but he finally woke up, went out for a pee and a poop, ate a full little caesars, had a big drink and then decided he was exhausted and needed to nap again.

chicklet and charlie are already a big hit and are settling in absolutely fine.

stella is a bit over sedated today but that is because i went nutz on her meds last night. i am pretty sure she has a bladder infection, she was in and out every 5 minutes during the night, ripping her room apart and totally upset. the meds finally worked to settle her down but she is definitely more into sleeping today. we have started her on antibiotics so hopefully she feels better soon.

huge thx to owen for grabbing the chair for me and bringing it over to the computer room. maybe if i can sleep tonight, i might be able to get back to work tomorrow cuz while still coughing and short of breath when i do physical stuff...i am feeling not too badly today.

think that is all of the news....huge thanks to, there, everywhere (including the fundraiser) who helped us!!!!!



$13, many generous people.... - .and how great is it to have a builder volunteer - there's always something that needs to be fixed or built for sure.


lol..the benadryl is helping, she will survive. i will pick up some hypoallergenic allie treats for next time!


Allie is most likely itchy because of the beef hotdogs I gave her. Like a dumb ass, I assumed that she would be allergic to white meat rather than red because most dogs are. But then, Patrick was allergic to white meat so I guess I didn't learn anything. SORRRY ALLIE, I apologize.