Rescue Journal

the theory of rescue things

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2016

much better..i was still coughing every couple of hours but i managed to sleep in between...vast improvement over the past week!

and it was a good thing i woke up every couple of hours because mickey kept getting out from under his blanket and i would find him asleep and shivering each time.
he is awake now and having an early breakfast...apparently tiny little dogs need to eat at 0530!

anyway,,thx to everyone for the extra help while i was sick..not perfect yet but i am going to head back to work..sometimes i think returning to wellness takes conscious effort.,,i will test out my theory and let you know if it works!

i pretty much have a theory about surviving (and flourishing) in rescue...even when you are sick.

1. rescue never takes a day off so it is pointless to expect it...but try to grab some care for yourself time, the best you can when you need it. maybe you won't get a few days sipping tea on the couch but maybe you will get enough to truck on.
2. never undervalue your responsibility in forming healthy and positive relationships...with co-workers, volunteers, vet staff and clinics etc...everywhere you go, you are either forming or burning one can survive in rescue as an island without bridges.
3. go ahead,,have a bad day..rescue is stressful. but get over it and move on right away. don't waste your time re-hashing old painful shit..let it go so you have the strength and determination to make it thru new painful shit.
4. never think you are entitled to anything at all..rescue is not a free pass to the holier than thou hall.
(hah..that's a good rhyme. )
and grateful every single day to everyone who has helped you...animals are being rescued, cared for, loved...all of the crappiness in their unhappy lives have become a thing of the can we possibly not be grateful to each other for that!