Rescue Journal

multiple losses today

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2016

mo lost her beloved of our previous saint box babies from a dozen years very sorry mo, i know you loved him to the moon and back, rest in peace gizmo, you were an incredible cat.

alice our elderly sheep has passed away from advanced arthritis and liver disease..our vets came to help her peacefully pass in kevin's arms. rest in peace sweet and shy alice and hugs to kevin who cared for her so well.

paige, our innocent little babe, ended her life today. huge thx to our vets, clinic staff and saints amazing staff...this puppy had the gentlest and best of care to try to save her and many broken hearts as we let her go.
rest in peace paige, you were loved by all.



Sorry kind and loving you were to Gizmo and Gizmo to you.


I am very sorry to hear of your loss Mo. Gizmo was really gorgeous and lucky to have you.


What a very sad day for everyone. Big hugs to all, especially to you Carol. Sweet dreams............. Alice, Little Paige and Gizmo.

alyson nerker

Paige surely got dealt a shitty hand. But in so doing, probably experienced more love, care, and effection than most animals see in a life time. Rest sweetly Paige <3

Carol A.

Mo, it is a beautiful picture of your beloved boy. Rest softly little one... and big hugs to his mom,.
Thinking of Kevin, and all at SAINTS tonight, who have lost old friends and tiny babies. Rest softly Alice and baby, Paige, your struggles are over.


Not sure if i figured out how to post a pic..but if there is a pic in this reply..this is my beloved Gizmo..if there is no pic..just imagine the most handsome light grey tabby you have ever seen. He was kind and gentle and insisted on sitting on my lap...and sleeping on my head. I will miss falling asleep to the rumbling lull of his purr. Love You Giz ..always.


My heartfelt condolences to everyone that lost a loved one today. Sweet dreams Gizmo, Alice and Paige.


Oh, so sorry to hear the sad news...Mo, hugs to you; maybe Alice accompanied baby Paige over the rainbow bridge today....a nice thought anyway. RIP all 3 all knew love in this life...some longer than others, but that means everything.

Lenore Henry

Thinking of all of you today - what a sad day. Rest in peace Gizmo, Alice and sweet Paige.


Such a sad day. Sorry to hear about Gizmo, Mo - what a lucky boy he was to be loved by you. Rest peacefully, Alice, you will be missed. Poor little Paige - she didn't really have a chance, but she knew love in her short life.