Rescue Journal

we welcome our newest saint

Carol  ·  Feb. 5, 2016


Meet William. He was surrendered to one of our wonderful local vet clinics by his owners once the clinic informed them that he had tested positive for Feline immunodeficiency virus. An FIV positive result means that William carries FIV antibodies. Not all cats that test positive show clinical signs or symptoms (William doesn't), and a cat vaccinated for FIV will also carry FIV antibodies, and therefore test positive. However, the primary mode of transmission is through deep bite wounds from an infected cat, such as an aggressive territorial fight between un-neutered males. Because the clinic staff were aware that William was an un-neutered stray prior to being given a temporary home, it is at least possible that he actually carries the virus. FIV can cause the cats immune system to be weakened, limiting his (or her) ability to protect itself against secondary infections. William is only about two years old, he is a very shy, very big, beautiful boy who will soon feel right at home. Welcome to SAINTS William!
Thank you Hill 'n Dale Animal Hospital for everything!



The shelter that sent William back should not call themselves a shelter because that decision just took them out of the 21st century notion of sheltering animals. Wouldn't be surprised if this has happened before and will happen again. Shame, shame, shame on them.


What I meant to say was: How could they justify to themselves refusing to take him back?

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Thanks for clarifying, Carol. Although, one could ask how a shelter could just refuse to take him back.

I'm glad he is at SAINTS. He's a lucky boy.


sorry sheryl, we were misinformed. apparently he was found as a stray and surrendered to another shelter and it was they that sent him in for neutering and testing and declined to take him back when he tested positive for FIV. this was when the vets called saints.


Poor boy! To lose his home over what may not even be an issue at all.

I know you've talked about this before, but it would seem that FIV vaccines would be counter-productive if they cause cats to needlessly lose homes.