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its not hypocrisy..its called evolution and evolution doesn't happen in the blink of an eye.

Carol  ·  Feb. 5, 2016

it took me all night to get un-upset over the sanctimonious "you are not good enough" comments on facebook last night.

honestly, will folks just grab a brain about animal welfare issues?..really about all important humanitarian issues?...most soul searching, life altering issues are complicated..there are no single "easy" answers because if some of this shit was all that easy, it would already be done.

the US is still being brought to it's knees over unresolved race issues, 150 years after slavery was banned. woman are still marginalized 100 years after we achieved equality. aboriginal people are still socially isolated and living in poverty decades after we said they had intrinsic multicultural value to our country as first nations human beings.

it is ludicrous to think a smoker has no right to tell a non smoker...don't smoke.
or a criminal to tell youth..don't break the law.
or a drug addict to refrain from saying..please don't take drugs.

because maybe these people are not perfect, and maybe they are involved in unhappy things but maybe their pain and hard experience does give them the right to try to stop others from doing life breaking things.

vegans..quit slamming shut the animal exploitation discussion are WRONG and causing more HARM!

vegetarians, meat eaters, people who choose other humane options like consuming less animal products or seeking out more compassionate farming practices have a right to sit at the humanitarian table and discuss the issue without having the door shut in their face. every single vegan who feeds their cat or dog meat is making a conscious choice in exploiting another animal species to feed their pet meat. in one way or another, every human on this planet is participating in some form of exploitation of our planet and its inhabitants, we all all involved in it in food or clothing choices, be it in vacationing plans, heating our homes or water sourcing our flower gardens or driving our cars. vegans who have eaten Monsanto soy products have supported the greatest planetary villeins of all times. not one of us are pure and faultless in living, all of us cause harm in various ways...and most of us don't like it and are struggling to find ways to live better with causing less harm.

so how about instead of preaching to everyone else how they are stupid, cruel, abusive and destructive demon's because they are not about using some of that compassion and all knowing understanding you are so overflowing with towards your fellow humans? how about doing some soul searching and coming to the conclusion that you too can probably do better than you always do?

let people talk.
let people think.
let people work out positive personal solutions to life's many confusing things.

have some respect.
open your brain.
and be freaking grateful for every single tiny positive step that people take to try to be better.
help grow a better world instead of engaging in self righteous attacks.

can't do that? fine..then bite your tongue and shut the hell up because YOU are part of the problem holding humanity back.



Thank you a vegan I, too, try very, very hard in my life not to be judgmental and sanctimonious and wouldn't want everyone to think that all vegans are like this. Many of us reach out to humans and animals alike to try and cultivate common ground, compassion and understanding. And, like Leila, I 100% agree with Carol's post - we all need to be kind to each other and not get up on our soapboxes. I think a recent Facebook post I read was, "Kindness...sprinkle that shit everywhere." That about sums it up.


I think saints is amazing and does wonderful work. I don't know u carol I only met u once when I toured ur facility but I admire and respect u and all those that support saints directly or I directly regardless of food classification... It's all progress :)

Carol A.

a little tolerance goes along way.... for both sides.
your connents Caol always provide insight and can be applied to mane aspects of our lives. Thank you for putting thoughts into words...


you are right of course..i have the utmost respect for people like yourself, nicole and others who are vegans but don't use it as a weapon to beat the crap out of folks who are still struggling to find their way.
it is the "born again" bullying of the extremists that drives me insane.


Damn. I need to roll with the times and check out the facebook.
I seem to be missing so much.


This is where we need to be careful about not grouping people into one sweeping classification. I am a vegan. I am a strict vegan for ethical reasons. I try very hard not to buy anything that harms anyone nonhuman animal and human animals alike. I don't think have a sanctimonious attitude towards others because they are not vegan. I never expect anyone to think the way I do as I have no idea if my way is the correct way and how many mistakes I make along the way getting where I think I need to go. This is a round about way of saying, yes some vegans are very irritating about how, why, when, etc being vegan-cruelty free toward non human animals. But we are not all like the person who posted on SAINT's Facebook. When we wipe a group of people with the same brush, we can move towards making prejudice comments.

Regardless of me being a vegan, I like your post Carol and totally 100% agree with it.


Oh dear I looked at the FB page after reading this post. Some people just need to live in a cave. Every individual has to do the best they can with whatever God or whoever has given them. One can make choices and encourage others but at some point you have to allow others their choices. Perhaps the negative posting folk should volunteer at Saints to get a feel for the real world.

Sorry to hear about the recent losses.


not to worry sheila... nothing like getting all hot under the collar to distract one from heartbreak and loss.


Great comments, Carol. I don't often read the SAINTS FB page, but unfortunately I did last night. I had to sit on my hands to keep from making comments. The sanctimonious attitudes of vegans as a whole is enough to turn people away and they make reasoned discussion impossible. And reasoned discussion is what leads to change.


Sorry Carol. That was bad timing on publishing that post. I didn't know at the time that you had lost Alice and Paige.

On the positive side there were 22 comments that supported us and only 2 spit on us.