Rescue Journal

living the damn good now.

Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2016

jada has settled in really well. she was even playing with toys today. she is a really nice dog AND she is very kind to mickey.

cassie is also very good with mickey but she skitters away if he gets underneath her...she likes to smell him and poke him with her nose but she freaks out if he is under her feet...eeeks!..its the crippled mouse! she moves fast! it's pretty funny!!

being kind to mickey is a great way to sneak into my good graces. i absolutely adore mickey, the crippled minuscule mouse. so much so that i still sleeping in the computer room with him...A. because he can't be in here alone with the big dogs..if they stepped on him, they would break him and B. because i am not letting some of those dick headed terrorist bed buddies anywhere near one is allowed to pick on mickey!

the reason i adore him so much is because he is tiny, he is frail, he is broken, he is toothless and blind and much of the time he walks around with his tiny penis and tongue stuck out, so unattractive! but he is totally unaware of this...he thinks he is totally fine, he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it..just let me know and he knows i will provide.
i bet he thinks he must be beautiful to be so well loved.

you gotta love any creature who so believes in himself and has complete faith in the rightness of his world.

don't get me wrong here..the tiny little demon is spoiled rotten. he is demanding and unrelenting when he has decided he needs something.

but shit...his body is ant sized and yet he has the entitled heart of a can i not keep enabling?..he is just so freaking cute.

jump carol..i am hungry..jump carol, i need to pee, jump carol i am lonely and need you to hold me, jump carol, i am tired and need you beside me to sleep!

he is worse than having a baby.

the difference of course is a baby has their whole life ahead..mickey's is mostly behind him. i don't know if on the whole he had a good or hard life..except for is pretty damn good at this moment...mickey is making damn sure of that!


Linda Ciccozzi

I love your write up. I also love teeny tiny Mickey. He is one fearless, determined dog. Love seeing him sitting on the big dog beds.....he makes me laugh. He's stolen your heart for life Carol! Lucky guy ❤️😀