Rescue Journal

i no longer miss our spunky grumpy boy...

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2016


because he is home.
he had an over the top meltdown..complete and total panic attack at being left alone.

who knew? ok well..i did kind of suspect leaving here might be difficult for simon, and luckily i warned his new mom of it too.

now everyone in their right mind would think that every homeless dog would choose a home over a shelter. but from personal experience this is not always true.

if given a choice in their futures, some dogs might surprise you in what they choose.

simon is not the first dog to have a meltdown when we placed him in a very great home..others have done it before him..larry for one comes to mind.

and there is a reason for this..its not the fault of the new home, its not the fault of the dog and it certainly is not because we are so special or chose him the wrong home.

it is because for what ever reason some dogs find their comfort zone here..lots of interesting activity, lots of catering staff and volunteers and one very special person who not only "gets" them but somehow communicates this comforting i "get" you right back at them...and they are rarely alone for more than a few hours here and there.

for a few dogs..this is as good as it gets and they welcome it. they understand how this place works, they find the sense of really belonging somewhere that strangely fits and they don't want or need anything more. this is it for them, not wanting or needing anything more.

simon may just be too old to weather another new beginning, or it may be that this odd place is exactly his version of heaven (simon are you nutz???!) or not having someone with him 24/7 is simply too terrifying to endure.

in any case he is home..walked in with wagging tail and went straight for his bed. he gave us the "i ain't leaving here" look as punctuation for his intent. he has wolfed down his dinner because he was too upset before he got home to eat and he chowed down a few spoonfuls of ice cream as a welcome home.

his adoptive mom is heartbroken, she loved simon so much and so wanted him to be happy in his new home. but she still works.

unfortunately, simon is simon, and he has never been shy in communicating exactly how he feels be it with a cuddle, a freak out or a pretty damn hard bite!

today he said...i want to go home, i don't like being alone.

fine...but please quit trying to bite the tour folks when they mistake you for a poor, little, sweet old dog and try to pet are a stubborn, crusty little old dog who doesn't like his person or his life to be messed with.
i "get" it.
secretly, i am glad you are home..i was missing mr. prickly.


Carol A.

iSimon pulled no punches for his Mom, did he? well at least the honeymoon was clear at the beginning it was not going to work. poo Mom. sorry your love for him was not reciprocated. still the last thing you woud want is for him to be so upset and alone. hugs...


Wow, even a little senior grumpy boy can makes his choice so clear....Saints definitely is a forever home for some dogs. I do remember Larry too....and the volunteer who took him home, only to have to bring him back "home" to Saints again, where he belonged. I'm glad Simon gets this option.....sounds like he's pretty happy to be back with the bed buddies. So sorry Teresa....