Rescue Journal

constructing Frankenstein

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2016

you can have your very own Frankenstein monster by collecting a bunch of dead body parts, sewing them together and zapping them with a huge lightening strike.


you can adopt mickey.

he was partway down the little monster road before he came here and then silly me picked him up and carried him the rest of the way.

today was my real rest day..haven't had one in weeks so by 0730 i was in the car and heading out to cottage country...with mickey. about regrets.

he fussed all the way there in the car, screaming, howling, climbing over and falling off seats..trying to get into my lap.

yes he should have been in a crate but stupid me took him to the vets in a crate last week and for the 30 minutes there and back he literally flipped around doing somersaults and shrieked so i thought if i let him wander around on the back seat this morning, he would be happy and not scream. hah, not likely.

mickey is one of those dogs that if you give him an inch, he wants the mile. but with holding the inch doesn't work either. he will give himself a heart attack to get whatever he seeks.

anyway, we made it to the cabin without me tossing him out on the side of the road so i was kind of proud of me.

i had three things i wanted to accomplish today..make enough chili so i had supper for this upcoming work week, get my laundry done so i had clean clothes for work this week...and sleep. i wanted to sleep and sleep.

ok so i got it all done...even worked in three brief naps but mickey didn't make it easy. mickey wants something frequently. and he didn't like it when i did shit like walk away to switch the laundry or cut up an onion..mickey wanted me at his side and beck and call, constantly.

i did however over those few hours develop a clear picture of mickeys perfect adoptive home...

-it will be someone who thrives with the needy, who has no sense of self and is primed to give all they have and are to a little demanding 3 pounds of teenie weenie.
-mickeys perfect home will cook for him and share everything good in the world to eat. there will be none of this "dog's should not eat people food" in mickeys new home's vocabulary.
-mickey's perfect home will let mickey sit on the lap of the person in the drivers seat..this person will have 4 hands...2 for driving, and 2 for holding mickey.
-mickeys new mom or dad will sleep on the floor on a very good quality of those super comfortable ones. a regular bed is too high and mickey will fall off...a dog bed all alone on the floor is really not even remotely close to good enough.
-mickey's new home will be deaf or they might get frustrated by his bitching and complaining when things are too slow, not in actual sight, or not perfectly perfect like he likes.

and finally mickey's new home will love tiny, itsy bitsy Frankenstein monsters and think they are incredibly cute.

help! please??? does this sound like any of you????


Carol A.

sounds like a match made in heaven! He had you wrapped around his tiny paw day one! Congratulations!


So what you're telling us is, you've adopted Mickey?! Congratulations Carol! *grin*

I should clarify that I'm not implying you're deaf, But that you have more patience for canine diva demands than most!

Lenore Henry

Something tells me he wouldn't want to be with anyone else but YOU - he knows a very good thing!!