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Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2016

just one month ago, Jack was transferred to Saints. Today he moved again... To his very own home! Arnie, one of our dedicated weekend volunteers, has taken Jack home to become part of his family. Congratulations Arnie and Jack!

Hi Carol,
MoJo has become the focus !! I feel very fortunate to have him come to me.
He is now a "licensed" dog of West Vancouver !!! I will resist buying him a raincoat.......we are having some lovely walks around the neighbourhood but he becomes anxious when going in the car even for short rides to the vet. He checked out great with Dr. Wilkie ... am working on him loosing a bit of weight.
He is sly......slinking up onto my window seat when I go out ...oh well. Carol, thank you for suggesting my new forever companion. Regards, Donna


I just wanted to let you know that Jaason and I had Maddie put down today. She'd been going downhill for a few months now with liver, heart, and kidney disease. We're going to miss her desperately, but I know that we were blessed to have had her for a wonderful 7 years. She would've been 16 this April.


(rest in peace maddie..huge thanks and hugs to meghann and jason for loving her so well.)

the vets came to see charlotte..she has a sore foot.
robbie had a check up, he needs a dental.
foster oliver had a check up, he had his pain meds adjusted.
miley had her sutures and staples out.

and of course simon tromped over the best laid plans of mice and men and chose his own path.



Sorry for your loss Meghann & Jaason...I remember Maddie...she was a cutie, who so hit the jackpot!
Now for you Donna please send us a pic of MoJo in his raincoat when you break down and buy him one :-)